Day 1


before we jump into any training, it is imperative that you receive all our email correspondence. With Spam filters becoming so aggressive often the catch legitimate emails and you may miss some important information.

Follow the instructions here to whitelist our email domains and the email that we will communicate to you with.

Whitelisting Instructions

Preparing Your Thoughts

On the first day you have been introduced to various topics that relate to lead creation. As the course progresses, you will need to create a lead Magnet that will be the perfect “bait” to attract your DREAM customer.

Review the following document to learn about the various types of lead Magnets that may be possible. Don’t get too caught up or involved, just start getting the brain juices flowing as we will cover creating your lead magnet in depth on the course.

How To Create a Lead Magnet

Also review the worksheet following to give you ideas for creating your own Lead Magnet later in the course. Just brainstorm at this time.

Udesign Lead Magnet Worksheet