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Udesign Learning offers guided mentoring, coaching and training events to companies, creators and start-ups to help them create successful business and marketing strategies that attract their dream customers and profitably solve their problems.

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gap analysis

Starting or running a business can be daunting, with as many as 80% failing in the first five years

As you’ve noticed putting in your very best and working ridiculously hard does not guarantee success… in fact it has nothing to do with it! 

Chasing your dreams has a nifty way of tricking you into working on “transactional” urgencies of the day.  Before you know it, you are not meeting goals or growth and the spiral of urgency only accelerates, removing more attention and creating more fear.

You have to work smart and that takes strategy and execution

How We Help You with Practical Steps

Using ‘gap analysis‘ on your systems, marketing and processes, we redefine them with a succinct strategy, bolstered by automated A.I. and systems, and supporting your team with guiding and informative, always-available training that you own.

We always lead with coaching and training so that we give you insight into your own transformational journey and its’ possibilities.  

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Benefits for
Your Success

Build Your Strategic Blueprint

Draw back the curtains on correct strategic tasks required so that you know how to get it done. Apply the changes gradually with full knowledge and even if you outsource your solution, you won't be taken for a ride.

Receive Targeted Training

Attending our workshops, forums and challenges, we guide you through challenging problems showing how to overcome them with clear understanding. Take further implementation courses or outsource.

Identify Gaps and Systems

It is a competitive advantage to use automated software tools and A.I. rather than being afraid of change and technology. Identify gaps and replace them with automated software, such as CRM or automated marketing, to improve efficiency.

Own Your Training

Every business is faced with demand on processes, newly required skills, product knowledge and more. Retain this fundamental requirement in your own digital training portal that hosts all of your staff and client training, available 24/7.

1.5+ Million Courses

Jason is a "career" trainer and his directly owned and overseen training businesses have taken well over 1.5 million bookings.

Microsoft Partner

As a systems integrator and Microsoft Certified Professional, Jason knows and believes in the robust ability of the Microsoft stack for many businesses. Today that stack can be complemented by many more affordable Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions.

Microsoft Certified Trainer Alumni

Jason achieved MCT status back in 1998 and has personally used his training skills to teach a variety of courses from IT technical to personal development skills.

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Helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Succeed

E.A.S.I® Entrepreneur

Take control of your sales pipeline in your business by understanding marketing and how to ensure you have a constant stream of leads to convert into sales.

Our Clients

Loving the Success They Have Achieved

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"Jason understands business automation and systems so intuitively that he took the brief for our new business and super charged it completely. The Udesign team implemented marketing automation and a CRM to support our sales process that resulted in massive revenue for us. Then they added our own Learning portal to run the training for our entire Agency business. He continues to support our business indefinitely."
Amber S.
Full Systems for Armour Sealant
"We had an idea to market some courses online. We had the dream and the content but lacked the technical skills. Working with Jason and his team, we now have an e-learning platform for fee - paying subscribers to buy and use our courses. Jason created a silent salesman who works, even when we are asleep."
Benedict W.
LMS for Zero Foundation Africa
"Attending Jason's training is fun and full of energy but always packed with great content and insights. My mind and ideas are opened up to so many more possibilities and I'm always eager to get them implemented with urgency, as he always suggests. Challenges are the latest thing Udesign and EASI are doing and I love the bite sized, practical information we get daily. I would love to give more than 5 stars!"
Kerry M.
Lead Machine for Soul Synergy

Our Services Categories

Streamline your business systems and supercharge your team to be exceptional

1) Business Systems

Implementing efficient systems and processes help your business operate smoothly. A report by McKinsey & Company states organizations that focus on operational efficiency can improve their overall productivity by 20-30%.

We assess, advise and implement A.I. systems that reduce staff workload and almost magically automate tasks and marketing improving sales and profitability. 

2) Your Own Learning Portal

Staff attrition is unavoidable, and training new replacement employees can be costly. The Work Institute's 2020 Retention Report estimates the average cost of replacing an employee is about 33% of their annual salary. This cost includes training expenses.

Eliminate this known problem and bring your company and software training in-house. Have the answers your staff need along with your own digital portal available 24/7.

3) Disruption Tools

Exploding new "disruption" technologies will be commonplace within months but today your competitors will use it to be more productive, faster to market and help clients more rapidly than you who might rely on traditional processes.

Help your team be more effective with bite sized "new-technology" training giving them agility to respond to market changes and customer demands more rapidly.

4) Develop and Own Your Training

Markets, products and strategy changes regularly in business requiring a complete re-focus on training programmes and the costly exercise of going back to basics to cover an updated product or process new software.

We help you create and own training content focusing on "just in time" (JIT) training solving specific challenges and can be updated easily for refreshers and staff training.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have missed a question just reach out to us and we'll be happy to help

Yes.  Every business is different and it’s expected that you might not even be sure what you need.  Udesign creates solutions across a breadth of software and process type solutions to help your business excel.  We suggest that you book a call with us so that we can assess if we are a good fit.  We simple don’t work with customers that we cannot deliver 10x the value you need.  Click here to book a free online session with us.

We are a fully remotely designed business and train delegates across the globe, often for specific turnkey projects.  Scale of economies and the power of our advanced webinar and online training tools means we can reach you anyway often and much more affordable costs.

As we have become experts in delivering online events  over the last two decades, we can now offer turnkey event solutions with Learning Management System (LMS) courses for any knowledge or event type delivery.

Yes.  We can help you create and manage a solution that meets your requirements to store and deleiver training to any person on the globe.

Yes.  We offer a full turnkey solution for your technical event hosting needs as a well as coshing and guidance to run the best challenge or coaching event.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
Jason Muller
Entrepreneur, Educationalist... Your Coach

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