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Why You Need the VIP Upgrade

If you want to get the MOST out of your Lead Machine training and be able to hit the ground running with additional support and help, then you’ll want to secure VIP access right now!  Remember your primary reason to create a Lead Machine for your business is to boost profits and automate your marketing.  There will be times when you would like additional help and support and VIP access can provide that extra help and guidance, not just during the “training but for months to come.

We provide many of these services to our paying clients, but you'll receive them all with your VIP Upgrade

LIVE VIP Coaching Calls

Immediately after the regular session you are invited to join the VIP Access where you'll receive additional LIVE VIP Coaching Calls from experts. In these sessions we go deep dive covering further key insights, further examples and covering all your questions ensuring you get the fast track and extra care during the build of your Lead Machine.

R18000 ($1000) Value

Session Recordings

We know that life might prevent you from attending one of the sessions so as a VIP we'll provide access to all of the Lead Machine training recordings for the next full year so that you can recap and continue learning as you need.

R9000 ($500) Value

Strategy is E.A.S.I.™ Audiobook

A key insight in the training will be about setting and achieving your key overall strategy and we'll introduce some of the techniques from Pierre's book Strategy is E.A.S.I.™. To help you take you to the next level, we'll be giving our VIP's the audiobook so you can listen while you drive, exercise.

R363 ($20) Value

Access to Our Private Facebook Mentoring Group

Receive a lifetime invitation to join our Facebook Coaching Group where you can share questions and ideas and get help from our team and community whenever you need it.

R997 ($55) Value

AI Prompts

You’ll receive these prompts that will help you to "speak AI" for any of the available tools on the market. AI is taking the world by storm and this in itself is scary for some but represents a great opportunity. Knowing how to "command" AI means it can become a formidable tool for your business and marketing.

R490 ($27) Value

Normally: R28 850 ($1588)
Today's Special VIP Access: R867 ($47)
And don't worry...
15 day Guarantee

You Are Covered by Our No-nonsense
15 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy and don't think you received 10x the value of what you paid, simply request a refund and we'll process it for you.

That's how sure we are that you will love the training and mentoring and will get great value out of it.

Why Should I Understand My Own Marketing?
In today's dynamic business landscape, mastering the fundamentals of marketing is a strategic imperative. Whether you choose to handle your marketing in-house or collaborate with an agency, a solid understanding of the principles is essential. Taking charge of your marketing efforts empowers you to tailor strategies to your unique brand identity, target audience, and business goals. Moreover, it allows for nimble adjustments in response to market shifts.
What Do Our Previous Challengers Have to Say
"Attending Jason's training is fun and full of energy but always packed with great content and insights. My mind and ideas are opened up to so many more possibilities and I'm always eager to get them implemented with urgency, as he always suggests. Challenges are the latest thing Udesign and EASI are doing and I love the bite sized, practical information we get daily. I would love to give more than 5 stars!"
Kerry M. ~ Lead Machine for Soul Synergy
Frequently Asked Questions

With VIP we will provide all session recordings for the following year.  These can be used to catch up on missed sessions or for recapping.

Yes.  Actually we believe this is a good strategy especially if its your significant other or a business partner etc. as the working together on a single collective outcome can often bring accountability and extra connection.  You will need to share the session to be valid.

Yes.  We love interaction as this makes the training more relevant to you.  In extreme cases when time runs out, we’ll follow up with answers or additional coaching afterwards.

The Lead Machine training is a program designed to help business owners and startups create a streamlined and automated lead generation system. It will benefit your business by providing step-by-step guidance on setting up autoresponders, crafting compelling landing pages, and understanding the digital marketing process to attract leads on autopilot.

Absolutely! The training is structured to be beginner-friendly, with clear step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, you’ll find valuable insights and practical guidance to implement in your business.

We recommend setting aside 90 minutes a day for the main live online sessions.   The VIP session will take up to 90 mins more.  While the first day involves a high-level strategy lecture, the subsequent days focus on hands-on workshops where you actively implement what you learn.

After the training, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your journey with ongoing support options. We offer additional resources, coaching programs, and a community of like-minded individuals to help you further refine and expand your lead generation strategies.  Our private Group, which you have access to also provides an additional level of community and support.

While we may recommend certain tools for efficiency, the basic required features are included within the training and may be upgraded if you so choose.   Once you see the scaling benefits for your business you may be eager to grow further.

Step out of your comfort zone
And challenge yourself to a complete business overhaul!
"Procrastination is opportunity's assassin." - Victor Kiam
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